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Russian Language Lessons for Kids and Adults in Virginia Beach at Pink Pearl Gymnastics


  • Private Lessons only individually or in group settings

Russian for kids

We believe

It is absolutely beneficial for a child’s intellectual growth to start learning a second language at a very early age, before five or six years old. Scientific research shows children can learn a second language with ease when they start at an early age; the brain is pre-wired to learning multiple languages without any confusion.

Why Pink Pearl?

Our society today requires our kids to be educated on the highest level so they can succeed in their lives.  Their future depends on their ability to learn and apply skills. Margaryta Booth is the founder of Pink Pearl and her heart is dedicated to helping families to grow their kids to the best of their potential in body andmind. Margaryta herself experienced learning multiple languages at an early age.  She speaks fluently Russian, Ukrainian and English. Her passion for languages became her profession; Margaryta holds a Masters (rated as a bachelor’s for teacher certification) degree in Russian Language and Literature (Major) and English Language (Minor).  Margaryta has two sons, they speak both Russian and English.

Margaryta Booth has a long experience of teaching foreign language.  Whileliving in Ukraine, she successfully taught English to children at the ages of 4 and older. The children, Margaryta was teaching, excelled in English later at school. When her family moved to United States, Margaryta started helping her own sons conquer English and at the same time to preserve knowledge of their native language. Margaryta believes that the best way to learn a foreign language is to start in early age and learn from the native speakers, who combine the foreign language knowledge with a professional teaching degree. Pink Pearl offers it all on the highest professional level.

Our teaching Method

Considering the rich imagination of the kids at an early age, we combine different techniques to help kids learn in the most productive way.

Hearing &Visualizing: we use videos that have a unique child-friendly theme easy to learn. Kids respond enthusiastically to the videos which are the combination of animation and real kids doing everyday activities. The videos are segmented into 5-minute episodes to accommodate a young child’s attention span. Simple sentences are broken down into easy-to-understand parts and reinforced through repetition by native speakers.

Drawing and Writing: kids will have work sheets and fun projects to help them learn the letters, words and sentences that they have just learned in class watching the fun videos and practicing them with the teacher. The projects will target the child’s imagination, creativity and focus on learning at the same time.

Reading:  from the first lessons, the kids will start learning the Cyrillic Alphabet using magnetic letters and magnetic board, playing with letters individually and in group setting. In a fun creative way, they will learn how to put letters together into the words and then into the sentences.

Speaking:The video method we use teaches words and phrases providing the essential building blocks for language learning. Fun and child-friendly themes such as family, eating, playtime, animals, seasons, and feelings will keep your child’s interest for learning and delivers amazing results.


Research proves that young children who learn a language before the age of five tend to have superior reading, writing, analytical and social skills, as well as more extensive vocabularies than their monolingual peers. Early foreign language acquisition is no longer considered a luxury. It materially contributes to a young child’s cognitive development and also gives him/her an advantage in the future of our increasingly global marketplace.

Russian for Teens and Adults

At Pink Pearl we offer a Russian language course for everyone. We are aiming to be the best Russian language teaching program for kids and adults due to Margaryta Booth’s credentials and experience.  All of our Russian lessons offer a step-by step easy system to help you learn Russian and use it in future either for your profession or fun.

Benefits for learning Russian:

  • You may want to choose Russian Language as a part of your career. If you want to excel in Russian at school and chose it as a part of your future degree, we are the place to start.
  • You may want to choose Russian Language as a part of your military career. If you plan on a military career and you would like to include Russian into your degree as well as add extra credits to your resume (Russian is one of the UN official languages).
  • Maybe you would like to visit Russia one day, we will help you become a fluent Russian speaker,you will be able to feel absolutely comfortable while visiting Russia. We have everything you need to begin learning Russian right here.
  • Maybe you would like to speak the language of your ancestors, dive into the rich history, culture, and heritage of your family that came to live to America.
  • Maybe you just want to challenge yourself and explore something new and different.

About The Russian Language

Some people say that the Russian language can be hard to learn. This is not really true, learning Russian is no harder than learning other languages. The main difficulty for a lot of people is learning the new grammar structure. If you have learnt other languages before you will already be familiar with some of these grammar concepts, such as gender and cases.

In fact, there are many things that make Russian easier to learn than other languages. The key is to use these things to your advantage. For example, once you learn the alphabet, you can pronounce almost all words quite accurately. With Russian the pronunciation is normally quite clear from the written form of the word.Russian does not use articles (like “a” and “the”), and Russian has fewer tenses than English.

The Russian Alphabet

The Russian alphabet is derived from the Cyrillic alphabet (pronounced si-’ri-lik). In turn, the Cyrillic alphabet was developed at the Preslav Literary School in the First Bulgarian Empire in the 9th century. It was later formalized by a Greek monk St. Cyril. The contemporary Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters, some of which were borrowed from Greek and Hebrew.

You will find it relatively easy to get started with the Cyrillic alphabet because many letters remind those in English. There are six exact sound and look-alikes (A, E, K, M, O, T) while many other Russian letters are similar to their English counterparts by either how they look or sound. However, keep in mind that Russian and English sounds are never absolutely identical and only constant practice will help you acquire the perfect Russian accent.St. Cyril and Methodius holding Cyrillic alphabet

The Russian Alphabet

The Russian alphabet is traditionally listed in the order from A to ?, consists of 33 letters divided into 10 vowels, 21 consonants and 2 letters which do not designate any sounds. Each letter can be either capital or small. The letters can also be printed or handwritten.

Tips to help you learn Russian

We recommend that you try and immerse yourself in the language. Take the lessons consistently and seriously.  Here are some more ideas that might help you learn.

  1. You should practice writing and speaking Russian,even if you are only speaking to yourself. It will help it to stay in your memory.
  2. After you have done a lesson, review it that night. If you review something on the same day, you are more likely to remember it. Particularly if you do it before you go to sleep.
  3. Through-out the day, when you say something in English, try to think how you would say it in Russian.
  4. Try to write notes of new words and have them displayed in places where you will see them, for example in the toilet, in the shower (where it won’t get wet), or at your desk at work.
  5. Keep your lessons notes with you. Review them whenever you are bored or waiting for something. For aexample, at doctor’s office, in the car, during your child’s sport practice, etc. You could even try making small flash-cards with a Russian word on one side, and the English on the other. Keep them in your pocket, and test yourself on a few words whenever you get the chance.
  6. It is important to learn a word or phrase from ‘Russian to English’ as well as ‘English to Russian’. That way you will remember how to say it, not just recognize it when you hear it.
  7. Most importantly, when you get the chance: Practice! Never be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone does! The people who make the most mistakes learn the most. Always try to explain what you want, even if it takes time. Even seek out Russians who can’t speak English and try to speak to them. You may not have the chance to practice at home, so if you travel to Russia practice as much as you can.

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